Passport’s Picks of the Week

This week’s installment of picks of the week hits on Google Quick Draw, the science behind a happier commute, and how poor people still pay for parking even without a car. Deep dive into some of our team’s must-read picks this week…


Google Quick Draw

Google’s latest A.I. experiment is called Quick, Draw! Essentially, Google designed a test to see if they can use their neural network to recognize people’s drawings. You are given 6 items, one at a time, and 20 seconds to draw items that range from a trombone to aircraft carriers. At the end, you can review your drawings, what Google thought they were and what they typically look for in that item. It’s super easy and pretty fun, give it a try!

– Nathan Berry, Regional VP of Sales


Google Just Made It Way Easier to Scan Your Old Photos

In this ever-increasing digital world, how do you get your old printed photographs on your screen? Google has produced a new app that quickly and easily scans your old prints, all without a clunky scanner. Just find an area with good lighting, open Photoscan and follow the directions, and within seconds there’s a high-quality digital scan of a precious memory.

– Sara Wasserboehr, Graphic Design


The Science Behind A Happier Commute

Realizing exactly how much time you spend on your daily commute is enough to completely ruin your day. Don’t calculate it, trust me. Since 500 million people around the world commute to work every day, many consider it the worst part of their day. I get it, it’s definitely not the highlight of mine, but let’s aim to make it a happier one, especially since we do it two times a day, 5-days a week. Things like eating breakfast, and subbing the second cup of coffee with water is just a few ways to make your commute a happier one. Read the rest above…

– Kimberly Kufel, Content Marketing Specialist


Poor People Pay for Parking Even When They Can’t Afford A Car

This article touches on the “hidden costs” imposed by inefficient parking systems. While most of us think of parking as an inconvenience, it’s a far more important lever for local governments than that. It has a knock-on effect on traffic congestion, airborne emissions, transit efficiency, and as this article points out, making cities more affordable for low-income residents.

– Ben Winokur, General Counsel


Jet’s New Holiday Calculator Tells You How Much To Spend on Friends and Family

Deciding how much to spend on friends and families during the holidays is always tough.’s solution? The Careculator. As a part of the e-commerce upstart’s “spend less on the people you love” campaign, the Careculator calculates how much you should be spending based off of Facebook interactions with your loved ones.

– Emily Wilson, Marketing Specialist