Passport’s Picks of the Week

Grow. Fail. Grow. Innovate.


That’s really how how to make an influence, especially in the tech industry. If we don’t push boundaries, make mistakes, and start all over again – we’ll never progress. In this week’s installment of Passport’s Picks of the Week, we’ve pulled some articles that push the transportation industry forward. Whether it’s a high-tech tram or a beer pipeline, these trending articles will not disappoint:



High-tech trams arrive in Rio de Janeiro city centre ahead of Olympic Games

The arrival of high-tech light rail in Rio de Janeiro will provide endless benefits to the city. By adding the 28km (17 miles) long tram, the city will see a decrease in travel times for commuters, reduce traffic congestion, and will help people with mobile disabilities get around the city. The light rail will begin its launch this weekend and will connect the airport, the ferry, cruise ship terminals, the historic and business districts, the long distance bus station, and more. As public transportation continues to gain popularity, you can expect to see an increase in mobile technology fueling cities and universities.

EU warns governments against banning Uber and Airbnb

With all the controversy over Airbnb and ride-hailing services, such as Uber, the European Union has warned governments that banning these services could take a toll on their desire to become a “sharing economy”. Although a number of cities are implementing restrictions on these services, EU notes that these services are “justified proportionate to the public interest at stake.” Banning these services should be a city’s “last resort” and can really disrupt the idea of becoming a “sharing economy”. Taking advantage of these ride-sharing and/or home-sharing is fully up to the public.

Why Public Transportation Shouldn’t Make You Nervous

Many of us cringe at the thought of taking public transportation. Maybe it’s because we’ve had one too many bad experiences. We’re looking at you, tricky bus routes. Maybe it’s because we can’t stand not knowing when the light rail will arrive. Whatever the reason, we’ve all been there. As mobile technology continues to make waves for public transportation, we’ve watched transit go from dull to attractive; from difficult to a piece of cake. The implementation of this mobile transit app has the ability to manage your entire transit ecosystem through your smartphone. Simplicity is here and it’s in the palm of your hand. Having the ability to plan, track, and pay for transit with your mobile device takes convenience to another level.



Bruges Built An Underground Beer Pipeline To Improve Traffic


Beer and pipeline? You heard us correctly. De Halve Maan Brewery in Bruges, Belgium, has a beer issue. Well, not necessarily an issue with their beer, but an issue with their bottling efforts. Due to not having enough space in their facility, the brewery has to ship in their orders of beer by truck a mere 2 miles away. Although this doesn’t seem like a huge problem, the brewery is seeking an improvement. Moving trucks as little as 2 miles might not seem like much of an issue, but Bruges cobblestone and busy streets add congestion and increase pollution for the city. Cue: a beer pipeline. Xavier Vanneste, brewery owner, decided that implementing an underground pipeline from bottling facility to the brewery would solve all his problems. His beer pipeline is expected to start flowing this summer!



‘If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It’: The Old Adage Needs A Rephrase
‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ We’ve heard the phrase a million times. Why exactly would you fix something that’s broken? If the process or product is working, why fix it? Although this phrase is extremely common, it promotes disruptive thinking. Think about it. If we continue to accept the products just because they work, we will never innovate. We will never grow or advance, and we certainly will never push boundaries. As technology advances, we either innovate or we remain stagnant. Don’t let an old adage fuel your mind. We should always focus on innovating, growing, and achieving the “small wins” that push us forward. That’s how you really grow…