Passport’s Platform Integrations

Integrations enable Passport’s product and applications to share data with different systems. We understand the importance of flexible and seamless integrations and our experienced team can save you time by efficiently and effectively connecting any Passport solution to the other technologies that power your operation. 

For example, our parking application may need to integrate with a third party enforcement application. This enables the enforcement application to understand what vehicles have paid for parking so that users of our applications do not receive parking citations when paying with the Passport Parking app. 

Passport will integrate with any industry player able to utilize open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) within our platform as these allow other applications to interact with and either send or retrieve information. You can think of APIs as a restaurant menu – or a finite list of commands that can be sent to a software application to take inputs and output a specific result. Once an API is built, it can go on the “menu.”

The key takeaway from Passport’s integration capabilities is that we offer flexibility of choice. While integrations are an extension of Passport’s platform, our partners are able to implement the following public API capabilities to enhance the functionality and connectivity of their own applications.

For more information on integrating with Passport, visit our website!