Procuring Mobile Pay Parking Technology

As pay by app parking gains popularity, several cities and municipalities are still in the process of playing catch up to the technology. 

Even with smartphones being around for more than a decade, many cities are still utilizing outdated coin meters: much to the chagrin of their constituents. Add to that, the loss of potential revenue gained from mobile pay parking transactions. 

Passport has found that mobile pay parking transactions can be up to 25% higher than meter transactions, due to the fact that parkers tend to pay the maximum time and can extend time remotely.

As more cities and municipalities realize the need for change, they must take several things into consideration when determining how to procure a mobile pay parking solution.

Mobile pay parking technology can also be leveraged by more than just cities. 

For example, private operators can harness the power of cloud-based technology to uncover powerful payment and enforcement capabilities without incurring staffing or hardware expenses. Additionally, colleges and universities can use this technology to improve the campus parking experience and decrease operational costs.

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