Speed Test in London

In a crowded room on Lower Thames Street in London, Bob Youakim and Khristian Gutierrez put Passport’s software to the ultimate test.

Thousands of journalists, investors, and tech companies had piled into the demo hall at FinovateEurope to see the latest innovations in financial technology. The premier conference provides a unique format for presenters: cameras, lights, and 7 minutes of live demo time to show what you got.

In other words, make sure everything works and don’t mess up.

It was the perfect backdrop to display how fast, easy, and accurate Passport’s technology is in the field–when it counts.

A lot of companies talk about speed and efficiency.

It can certainly define a technology firm and we’ve worked extremely hard to build a blazing fast platform for our clients. With the world watching and the clock ticking, it was time to let the tech do the talking.

“FinovateEurope was the perfect venue to share with the rest of the world the success our clients are experiencing in North America. We’ve built successful mobile payment platforms by creating innovative technology partnerships with some of the largest cities in the United States and Canada and are looking forward to bringing our solution to major markets in Europe,” said Bob Youakim, CEO at Passport.

Recently, Passport launched several new features in our citation management platform, including the addition of in-app citation payments in Omaha. At FinovateEurope, we started our time on stage by demonstrating just how fast our product is for parking enforcers.

How fast? In less than a minute, Bob was able to write a ticket, take a picture for evidence, upload the information, and have it available for Khristian to pay from his phone. That is real speed in the field that translates to efficiency, productivity, and results.

Watch the Presentation

Having completed an entire parking enforcement scenario in one minute, there was even enough time to demo our mobile ticketing and merchant validation solutions.

“We had a great time showcasing the very real-world impact of our enterprise software,” said Khristian Gutierrez, CBDO at Passport, “Providing our customers with real-time data access and a simple interface, they can speed up payment compliance practices and focus more time on other aspects of their operations. Time that was entirely monopolized in the past with analogue or offline systems.”

Faster citation software leads to more productivity for parking enforcers, allowing them to cover more ground and enforce parking policies more effectively. Because the ticket issuance data is available in real-time, it is also easier for back-office staff to manage. Additionally, it gives customers a quicker and easier option to pay their citations online or from their mobile device. The end result–increased payment compliance.

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Hopefully, your parking enforcers won’t be in front of a studio audience with a timer when issuing tickets, but rest assured if they are, the crowd won’t leave disappointed.