Want to Attract Millennials? Offer Multiple Transportation Options

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It’s no surprise that millennials are one of the most talked about generations of all time. They make up the largest and most diverse generation in studied history. Everyone, from television executives to Fortune 100 managers, is fighting over one another to get in line for their collective attention and buying power.

One group that should be laser focused on this generation is city leaders.

Cities need millennials. As the current workforce matures, retires, and exits from the economy, companies and city leaders need to create opportunities to attract the next generation. This will ensure a future of job growth and economic creation. Another important aspect of attracting millennials–they care. They want to make a difference in the world around them. They are socially active and want to improve the environment, eliminate inequality, and improve human rights.

They seek out opportunities to get involved, consider themselves social activists, and will gladly spread the word about efforts they believe in.

A key area for city leaders to focus on is building a better and more diverse transportation infrastructure. Creating a multimodal environment can help attract and retain millennials to an urban landscape.

Studies show that millennials want transportation options based on the purpose of their trip.

Nearly 70% use different modes of transportation. For work, they may take their car. For a trip to the farmer’s market, they will use a bike. For a night out, they’ll hop the metro. Having interconnected transportation options is critical to the growing needs—and population—of metro areas. Cities that do not offer multimodal forms of transportation may struggle to attract and retain younger talent.

Once strong transportation options are in place, the ability to connect to them effectively increases the ability to engage city services. How can cities provide this option?

The smartphone.

According to a Nielsen study in late 2014, Millennials are the largest segment using smartphones, with a whopping 86% aged 25-34 owning one. Because we live in an increasingly connected world, the ability to use your smartphone for travel is important. Searching for transportation, identifying the best option, and ultimately paying for their chosen route from their phones increases the likelihood millennials will engage. It also increases the likelihood they will want to live in your city.

The message is clear. Improving public transportation infrastructure creates an attractive option for younger generations. Attract millennials, grow your population. Grow your population, increase your economy. Increase your economy, improve your future stability.

It’s more than just an important city council agenda item. It could be the key to your city’s survival.

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