Will the DMV always stick around?

The other day I attempted to conquer the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) line.

Wait for it…outside. Yes, I was outside the DMV anxiously waiting to be let through the doors. The line was that long. If you’re cringing right now, I am too. You know the drill; I pulled out my paperwork, which included auto insurance, license, proof of residence, proof of insurance, etc., etc., etc. Switching from a Virginia license to a North Carolina license isn’t necessarily a physically grueling process, although some might disagree, but it’s definitely a frustrating one. As I stood outside the office, in 95-degree humidity, I wondered how, in 2016, the DMV is still a thing. Of course it’s needed to track the flow of transportation, but it hasn’t really progressed. It’s remained stagnant, unchanging, and quite ‘old-fashioned’, if you will. As times change, I couldn’t help but wonder – will this government run process ever advance? And if it did, how would it become more efficient? What if there was a mobile app that helped control the flow of information, services, as well as wait times? What if there was a database of information to help speed up the DMV lines?

Efficient Mobile Technology

With the progression of mobile technology, it’s no surprise that it’s completely changing the way we, as a society, move. As more apps take over the technology scene, we’re seeing a huge improvement in convenience for users, but also in efficiency as an agency. Think of it this way, if the DMV had a mobile app – I believe it would change the entire way it controlled its operations.


What if the DMV had a mobile app that notified users with the number of people in the specific office, the best time to visit the DMV based on real-time data, and a chat feature that could provide answers to DMV related questions via Internet? To be honest, it could completely help with the flow of office traffic and in turn, enhance efficiency. Can you imagine the improvements? Shorter lines, more luck in actually making it through the line, and less frustration. Life would be good. The DMV wouldn’t be feared and renewing your license wouldn’t be a painful experience.

“The DMV should be able to use current technologies to streamline their processes,” Sara Wasserboehr, Graphic Designer at Passport.


Technology Eases Mobility

With new technology comes the need to provide better and more efficient mobility solutions. Although the DMV has remained quite stagnant, it is the way the U.S. handles motor vehicles. It might not be the most convenient process, but it’s the way it’s done and that’s that – at least that’s what we’ve been told since we received our learners permit. If mobile technology made its debut into the DMV’s operations, processes would eventually run smoothly.

Being able to handle basic processes, such as switching from a Virginia license to a North Carolina license wouldn’t be so time consuming and well, the lines wouldn’t be as long. We can only dream that someday this will all be possible. Until then, we wait…