Doubling parking app utilization in Asbury Park, NJ


Asbury Park, NJ is a popular vacation destination for New York and New Jersey residents that experiences more than one million visitors each year. The City’s historical boardwalk, concert offerings, and a plethora of bars and restaurants attract visitors and residents year round.

In 2017, the City partnered with Passport to enhance the user experience and digitize its parking and mobility operations. The team launched the branded mobile application, Asbury PARK, which allows residents, employees and visitors of the City to pay for and extend parking sessions through their smartphone.

About a year after the launch, Asbury Park worked with Passport’s marketing team to install new signs and paystation decals around the City. Over the following six months, app utilization nearly doubled to just under 50 percent with an average of 35,000 mobile transactions a month. As a result, Asbury Park experienced an 86 percent increase in mobile parking transactions from its first to second year using the branded parking app, and revenue is up 19 percent from last year. 

Increase in mobile pay parking transactions and revenue


City officials believe that the steady increase in app utilization is a clear indication that they can expect hardware maintenance costs to lower overtime, ultimately eliminating the need for new hardware all together.

Dive into Asbury Park’s full success story and check out our signage best practices to learn more.

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