Portal - Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you upgrading me from OpsMan Web to a new back office?
  • Portal is Passport’s new web-based back-office solution that will replace OpsMan Web. All products will be managed through this single portal, and we will roll it out across our entire customer base over time.
  • Portal was built to provide our clients with a more modern, easy-to-use system that was designed to streamline and centralize the management of multiple products.
How long will the process take?
  • The process is dependent on the product solutions you have through Passport and can take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks to complete (including training and transition). You will work through the process with your Client Success Representative (if applicable) along with members of your assigned configuration team.
Will there be any changes to my current contract?
  • No, not unless you want additions. We will be happy to discuss adding other products and services during the upgrade process, but there will be no changes to the contract you currently have.
Will I still have access to OpsMan Web?
  • The Passport team will be flexible. Clients on the upgraded system will continue to have at least five weeks of access to the OpsMan Web system.
Does this upgrade include OpsMan Mobile?
  • No. This upgrade does not affect OpsMan Mobile and you will continue to utilize that tool in the same manner.
How will the upgrade affect my enforcement hardware and equipment? How will it affect my signage?
  • There will be no impact on hardware, equipment, or signage.
Do I need to install any software for back-office tool access?
  • No, there is nothing to install for back-office tool access.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer version 11 or older, there will be diminished functionality within Portal, and you will be prompted to upgrade to a newer and more secure browser upon login.
Is there any documentation I can read to understand more about the new back office?
  • Yes! You can access our Knowledge Base for answers to common questions, video how-to’s, and links to other client resources. As always, you can also reach out to your CS Representative (if applicable) for help or submit a ticket to our Support team.