What You Need to Know About Your Gateway Upgrade

Cybersource Upgrade - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Gateway?

  • A payment gateway provides connectivity from a point of sale environment to the merchant processor.  The payment gateway controls how a transaction request is authorized, captured, and when it is submitted for settlement to your merchant account. 
  • The point of sale environment in Passport’s case is the Passport parking application and web page as well as any Passport permit purchasing or citation payment web pages your organization may be using.

Why is my account being upgraded to this new Gateway?

  • Most gateways are generic solutions that are not tailored to meet the unique needs of mobility payments due to the small transaction size and subsequently limited in the ways they can interact with Passport’s platform.
  • The new gateway will provide improved transaction flow, traceability and reconciliation capabilities within the Passport’s system

Who did Passport partner with for this new Gateway?

  • Passport partnered with Cybersource, a Visa solution and an industry leader in secure transaction processing, to deliver this premier mobility gateway solution.  

What standard features & benefits does this new Gateway have?

  • Cost Savings: Clients paying a “per authorization” fee with their current gateway solution should see costs savings once upgraded to the Passport Gateway
  • Improved Transaction Traceability: Passport will be able to provide improved traceability from session activity shown in your OpsMan Web or Portal account to the transaction records shown in your merchant processing back office.  Passport will also be able to more easily track out-of-balance issues or duplicate transaction processing
  • Improved Security: With this gateway solution, Passport is also investing in new tokenization and credential management techniques that will help further secure the data of our clients and cardholders.  More information on this will be shared in the future. Passport remains PCI DSS Level 1 certified with the added scope of the Cybersource environment.  

Will it cost me anything to make the switch to the new gateway?

  • No.  Standard Features available through the Passport Gateway are currently free to all clients.  

Are there other features that come at a cost?

  • Yes.  Clients may opt in to the Premium Services for an additional cost once upgraded to the Gateway.

What are those Premium Services?

  • Access to Alternative Payments:  Accept GooglePay and ApplePay in Passport Mobile Pay applications, giving your parkers access to a more secure and simplistic form of payment 
  • Access to Passport’s Payment Partners: Access Passport’s ecosystem of application partners without adding complexity to payment operations
  • Interchange Incentives: Unlock savings on Visa and Mastercard interchange through Passport’s specialized rate

How do I Access the Premium Services?

  • Premium Services require a contract amendment.  Reach out to your Client Success Representative or the Passport Support team if you would like to learn more. 

Will there be any changes to my contract?

  • No, not unless you want to take advantage of the Premium Services offering once your account is upgraded.  

Will I see any other changes to my account?

  • No. If you do experience any other changes or have any questions, please contact: