FAQs: Passport Clients Migrating From the FastTrack Platform to Portal

How long will the migration process take?

The migration process should take about six weeks from kick off to go live, and you can expect routine contact with your migration team during this time. You will work through the process with a specialized project manager and implementation consultant.

What is involved in the migration process?

Your migration team will pull your existing environment information (violation types, amounts, letter templates, and etc.) from FastTrack so they can recreate it in your new back office (Portal).

This is a great time to incorporate any updates to your existing environment that you would like to see!

PLEASE NOTE- we intend to make this migration a streamlined process, however, the FastTrack system and your new back office do not always match capabilities 1:1. Therefore, you can and should expect that we will need to make some changes to your environment in order to enable your new back office. Your migration team will communicate these differences to you.

Your migration team will also work to migrate your existing citation/ ticket data.

Will there be training available on my new system?

Yes! Following the kickoff meeting, your migration team will start building your environment, coordinating the shipment of paper and new hardware (if applicable), and determining the best dates for training with your team.

Training will cover additional details and system differences in anticipation of launch and issuance using your new software.

Your new back office has a built-in Help Hub. This exciting new tool allows users to search for specific topics to help with completing specific tasks or answering other questions.

Will there be any change to my current contract?

In most cases, no, unless you want additions. We are glad to discuss adding services such as Passport Mobile Pay Parking or Passport Digital Permits, but generally, no changes to the contract you currently have will be required.

Will I still have access to FastTrack?

While you cannot be live in both systems concurrently, we are happy to provide at least three months of read-only access to the FastTrack system post-migration should you need to reference any historical information.

How will the migration affect my enforcement hardware and equipment?

This will be managed on a case-by-case basis. Your Client Success Representative will help you with options to replace unsupported hardware as required, and your migration team will enable you with training and support for new hardware as well as software during the migration.

What will my reporting access look like?

Reporting in Portal will be much more self-service. While it may take some time to become accustomed to the differences as compared to the FastTrack system, the reporting capabilities of Portal will have everything you need to be successful! Your migration team will assist with training and support in making this change.

Do I need to install any software for back-office tool access?

No, Portal is cloud-based, so there is no longer a need for Citrix access. Also, your new handheld enforcement software (OpsMan Mobile) is also cloud based.
Additionally, your customers will be able to pay their citations online using RMCPay immediately following issuance.

What kind of product features can I expect in my new back office?

This chart of features below highlights what you can expect from your new system.

FastTrack vs Passport Enf final chart.png

We understand that the change from FastTrack to Portal will be a big one. We will provide you with information and training surrounding changes that are specific to your environment during the migration process, so that you will feel confident and enabled to operate your new system.

Will my current integrations (mobile parking providers, collections agencies, etc) work in my new back office?

Yes! We will be able to continue utilizing your existing integrations in your new back office as well.

How do I contact support?

During the entire migration and up to two weeks post go live, your migration team will be available to answer any questions you might have about this big change. After this time, you have several options to access support from Passport:

  • Clients can submit a support ticket via email or through the Passport Support Portal.
  • Standard Client Support hours are Monday through Friday from 8 am – 7 pm EST
    • Regular business hours Support (980) 939-0990
    • After-hours Support answering service (866) 815-3043

If you accidentally call the old FastTrack support number post-migration, the team will help redirect you to utilize one of the above options.