Simpler Parking, Smarter
Parking Management

  • Facilitate easy parking and give your customers the choice to pay their preferred way
  • Enjoy the industry’s most sophisticated rate engine, with real-time rate and restriction management
  • Access customer parking information more efficiently so you can provide best-in-class customer support
  • Leverage parking data reports and visual dashboards for quick analysis and significant decision-making
  • Utilize limitless integrations for holistic parking management

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Explore Dozens of Innovative Parking Management & Payment Features

Learn more about the dozens of innovative features built into our industry-leading mobile pay parking app and powerful mobility management platform.

Mobile App

  • iOS, Android and mobile web apps with white-label capabilities
  • Direct integrations with leading providers of parking enforcement and license plate recognition (LPR) software
  • Merchant processing and gateway services
  • Reminder notifications, email receipts and remote session extensions
  • A convenient and self-service merchant portal where local businesses can print validation codes for their customers
  • Closed-loop wallet with discount capabilities and options to load funds from commuter benefits
  • End-user support tools consisting of self-guided FAQs and in-app chat bot with our Support Team

Streamline Operations

  • Access parking data reports and visual dashboards to make better strategic decisions
  • Understand your parking transaction revenue with a daily, weekly and monthly dashboard view or by downloading a report that displays data within a specific date range
  • Change parking rates and rules quickly with simplified rate and restriction management

Lower Costs

  • Reduce your processing costs by up to 50% when you use Passport’s payment services
  • Limit the wear and tear on meters to lower maintenance costs
  • Enjoy peace of mind provided by less hardware maintenance, which means you will be able to allocate staff and labor hours to other operational needs

Improve Customer Experience

  • Enable a convenient way for customers without cash or coins to pay for parking, extend parking sessions or stop parking sessions
  • Promote local shopping with free or discounted parking and give merchants access to a self-service merchant portal where local businesses can print validation codes for customers
  • Allow your customers to pay with their preferred payment method, including all major credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal

Data and Reporting

  • Easily manage transaction, revenue and payment processing through a variety of financial reports
  • Gain real-time insights into peak demand and zone activity that can influence pricing and policies
  • Communicate seamlessly with quick searches that provide session details and support contact information

Scalable Solution

  • Streamline your parking operation with Passport’s cloud-based solution that integrates mobile parking, permits, enforcement and payments into one powerful platform
  • Provide countless integration offerings, including offering parkers multiple ways to pay and providing enforcement and license plate recognition (LPR) technology for faster enforcement
  • Digitize your entire parking management operation with Passport’s mobility management platform, resulting in a more integrated, reliable and efficient infrastructure for you and your community

“We had meters and [the] PassportParkingⓇ app, and a few months in, I thought ‘Why do we even have meters?’ With mobile, we have an idea of where people are parking, how long they’re parking, and we don’t have to unload the meters every three days and work to maintain them. It’s easy for the customer and it’s easy for the provider.”

Andy Pruitt, Parking Facilities Coordinator, Purdue University

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“The team at Passport is amazingly enthusiastic about the product, and it’s a fantastic product-- way ahead of the industry. It’s cloud-based, leading-edge technology, and highly configurable.”

Ian Maher, Parking Director, Toronto Parking Authority

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“Coin meters will start to go away…We’re looking at testing mobile-only blocks to see if the process we have introduced is embraced by end users throughout the community. Reducing meters in the field reduces collection, auditing, and staff time, especially in areas where meters net very little coins. [The Passport solution] is truly a lean process.”

Trish Everitt, Parking Operations Supervisor, City of Gainesville

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“We have seen the rate of driving in single-occupancy vehicles increase, plus the economy is booming and gas is very cheap … there are a lot of things in the market causing people to drive more. And as more people move to Portland, some into apartment buildings, quite a few of them own cars, some of which get stored on the streets. We’re working to manage the increased demands of congestion and parking.”

Leah Treat, Director, PBOT

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“It’s a good product, easy to use, and the fact that everything integrates so well together is a plus. And there is a strong culture of listening and exchange of ideas. I feel valued as a [Passport] client.”

David Sharrar, CEO, CityParking, Inc.

“It’s important for our transit system to incorporate the latest technologies, so this agreement [with Passport] represents another way that we are moving forward into the future of transportation.”

Alice Bravo, Director of the Department of Transportation and Public Works, Miami-Dade County

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