Real-Time Parking Enforcement Technology

  • Enforcement software built to optimize efficiency
  • Connect your operations team and database with officers on the street
  • Give officers the easy-to-use tools they need to monitor and report quickly and accurately
  • Leverage a real-time system with GPS data and unique features to deliver more detailed citations
  • Upgrade by integrating with a license plate recognition (LPR) technology to operate 4x faster

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Explore Dozens of Innovative Parking Enforcement and LPR Features

Learn more about the dozens of innovative features built into our parking enforcement and license plate recognition software.

Data and Reporting

  • Synchronize data in real time, with no need to dock and download data
  • Monitor officers in real time to provide added security and enhanced customer service
  • Manage and optimize officer beats and schedules with live GPS-tracked data
  • Identify repeat offenders with custom reporting capabilities
  • Utilize a ticket heatmap to illuminate high-density areas, often an indicator of insufficient signage, issues with hardware or suboptimal officer coverage

Monitoring and Issuance

  • Utilize GPS-based ticket issuance for real-time accuracy
  • Issue tickets without internet connection
  • Ticket with easy-to-use handheld ticketing options (Zebra, N5s, bluetooth printers, etc.) and a user-friendly mobile app
  • Attach photo evidence, violator notes and internal notes for adjudication
  • Give your enforcement team the tools for digital chalking and scofflaw management

Payments and Appeals

  • Quickly search for citations and provide violators with easy payment options
  • Add citation payments within Passport’s mobile parking application
  • Seamlessly integrate with leading industry solutions including Barnacle and VERRA
  • Automated appeal notifications and appeal management, resolution court system integrations
  • Sort outstanding legacy and overdue citations, match them with registered owner information then send mail notifications
  • Print and mail custom-branded notices to verified addresses
  • Schedule escalation fees for outstanding payments, setup payment plans and implement force pay


  • Integrate with various LPR technologies
  • Search for active parking sessions, permits, potential scofflaws and allow/deny list status with license plate scanning software
  • License plate scanning to mark, track and enforce time limits/overtime

Scalable Solution

  • Streamline your parking operation with Passport’s cloud-based solution that integrates mobile parking, permits, enforcement and payments into one powerful platform
  • Centralize your parking, enforcement and permit data in one place for infinite insights into your parking and mobility operation
  • Digitize your entire parking management operation with Passport’s mobility management platform, resulting in a more integrated, reliable and efficient infrastructure for you and your community

“The team at Passport is amazingly enthusiastic about the product, and it’s a fantastic product-- way ahead of the industry. It’s cloud-based, leading-edge technology, and highly configurable.”

Ian Maher, Parking Director, Toronto Parking Authority

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“We have seen the rate of driving in single-occupancy vehicles increase, plus the economy is booming and gas is very cheap … there are a lot of things in the market causing people to drive more. And as more people move to Portland, some into apartment buildings, quite a few of them own cars, some of which get stored on the streets. We’re working to manage the increased demands of congestion and parking.”

Leah Treat, Director, PBOT

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“It’s a good product, easy to use, and the fact that everything integrates so well together is a plus. And there is a strong culture of listening and exchange of ideas. I feel valued as a [Passport] client.”

David Sharrar, CEO, CityParking, Inc.

“The Passport team from the beginning has been great to work with. They are eager to help solve our issues and you can always have a genuine one-on-one conversation with members of the team. Working with Passport has been really great for the City of Savannah.”

Former Assistant Director of Mobility & Parking Services

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“Now when you’re at the theater, dining out at one of Buffalo’s many great restaurants, or enjoying activities along the revitalized waterfront or our award-winning parks, you don’t have drop everything to pay the meter,”

Davis Hough, Senior Special Assistant to the Parking Commissioner, Buffalo, NY

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“Coin meters will start to go away…We’re looking at testing mobile-only blocks to see if the process we have introduced is embraced by end users throughout the community. Reducing meters in the field reduces collection, auditing, and staff time, especially in areas where meters net very little coins. [The Passport solution] is truly a lean process.”

Trish Everitt, Parking Operations Supervisor, City of Gainesville

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