Coming Soon: Quick Park Updates

When it comes to curbside transactions, Passport makes a concerted effort to stay on top of the trends, especially with regard to our own product enhancements.

For example, Passport’s Quick Park was originally implemented to enable two-click parking for our mobile pay users. Quick Park tiles would appear on a user’s home screen when they’ve parked in the same LPN zone, using the same vehicle, or for the same duration more than once. Parkers would then be able to click on the “Park Here Again” button on the tile to take them directly to the confirmation screen, where they could review previous session details and initiate a new parking session. 

While this original functionality held value by allowing parkers to initiate a session within a few seconds, users had no manual control over these Quick Park sessions, resulting in the potential to be locked into the same session duration each time. Through feedback from end users and operators, as well as usability testing, we quickly determined updates were needed.

Check out the brand new features we’re adding in Q1 to optimize the Quick Park functionality:

  • An updated user interface and experience
  • The ability for users to manually save and unsave a zone via the Quick Park or Parking History screens
  • Access to “Park Here Again” from the Parking History screen 
  • The ability to update session duration on the Payment Confirmation screen

Note: The following screenshots are mockup examples of what we are currently working on.

The goal of Quick Park remains the same: allow users to bypass the monotonous steps of entering information while enabling them to make their own decisions on personally saved data.

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