Fierce 15 2016: Passport Shifts into High Gear on Mobile Parking and Transport Payments

by Colin Gibbs

Editor’s note: Welcome to the 2016 Fierce 15, an annual list that recognizes 15 of the most interesting startups in the wireless industry. We’ll publish one profile a day for 15 days; Passport is the fifth company to be recognized this year.

Company: Passport
Where it’s based: Charlotte, North Carolina
When it was founded: 2010

Why it’s Fierce: In just under six years, Passport has expanded from a self-funded startup trying to solve parking issues to the largest mobile parking and transit payment platform in the world. It runs through private labels from city to city, so even if you haven’t heard the name, you may have used the engine.

“We’re the biggest name you’ve never heard of,” said Passport CEO Bob Youakim with a chuckle during an interview with FierceWireless. “You can’t go in one of these cities and not be up against us, whether it’s transit, parking or some other payment mechanism you’re engaging with.”

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