Mobile Payment Technology: 3 Reasons Security Matters

This post is by: Kelsey Owens, Sales Associate at Passport

Sally heads to an ATM to withdraw $40 in cash. 3 days later, Sally checks her bank account and notices there were fraudulent charges on her debit card in Brooklyn, New York at a convenience store, a gas station, and a local restaurant. Sally’s card wasn’t physically stolen, but her card number and pin were stolen through a skimming device. Not the most ideal situation. Unfortunately, fraudulent transactions and identity theft happen far too often than we’d like.

As mobile payment technology advances, it’s significant to make sure the apps you’re using are implementing the necessary precautions to prevent fraud and keep your information as secure as possible. At Passport, the
core of our business is mobile payments. Therefore, our top priority is security.

Security is essential to mobile payment technology. These are 3 ways Passport is implementing top security measures to protect our clients and end-users:

Highest Standard of Compliance

One of the top security measures we’ve utilized for our payment technology is complying with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards – PCI/DSS Level 1 compliant. This means we’ve added one of the top compliancy standards to protect our client’s payment systems from breaches and theft of cardholder data. Although we’ve added the highest level of government standard compliancy, we still go above and beyond by partnering with multiple security experts for security auditing purposes. They provide our systems with the highest form of security auditing to protect our users from fraud and determine where there are system weaknesses so we can solve those issues.

No Skimmer. No Problem.

Credit card meters are not necessarily the most secure devices to complete a transaction. One benefit of using a mobile app for payment is the fact that skimmers or other devices can not be used to steal cardholder information. With our secure mobile payment technology, paying for parking, citations or mobile tickets can be completed securely through the mobile app.

Users simply download the mobile app through Google Play or the Apple store, login, park, and receive notifications to extend and manage parking session. With a secure platform, users can manage all parking functions through their smartphone device.

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Always Innovating

As a mobile payment company, we’re always enhancing and updating our apps. Whether it’s adding a new feature or making a quick update, we can handle the changes quickly and efficiently without swapping out devices. When EMV chip cards were released, we didn’t have to add new card readers because we’re completely digital. As we enhance and update our platform’s security, we can do so without interrupting our clients experience.

As Passport continues to grow and we add new features, updates, and platforms, we will always invest in security. Keeping our users personal information and transactions as secure as possible is our ultimate goal.