The Benefits of Processing Parking Transactions with Passport Payments

Passport’s platform comes integrated with Passport Payments, eliminating the need for third party gateways and processors. There are many benefits of working with an integrated payment processor, like Passport Payments. In addition to avoiding fees and costs associated with connecting to third party processors, you will benefit from eliminated chargeback fees, automated reconciliation and no merchant agreements.

Don’t get stuck paying $15 chargeback fees on $4 parking transactions

Chargeback fees can add up over time, especially when paying high fees on micro-sized transactions. With Passport Payments as your integrated payment processor you will benefit from chargeback fee waivers. Passport will waive chargeback processing fees and take the burden off you. Each client will receive a minimum of 3 waived chargeback fees per month and up to 0.015% x transaction volume. 

Automate reconciliation of daily deposits with all transaction activity

As a client of Passport Payments you have access to an automated reconciliation service, matching parking transactions to daily deposit activity. Passport’s automated reconciliation service removes the cost and impact of manually reconciling data from two different sources where data formatting and date & time periods can create data management headaches. 

No merchant agreement required

We understand that you already have a merchant processor, however, many processors are not optimized  for small ticket parking payments. Because we don’t require organizations to sign a merchant agreement, we make it easy to use Passport to process parking payments without breaking an existing merchant agreement. Passport can act as your merchant of record for mobile pay parking transactions in the Passport app, and accepts all the risks associated with operating a merchant account. We process all debit and credit cards for your parking services, and then fund your bank account like a traditional merchant account. Passport also manages all cardholder dispute inquiries. With no hassle and no risk, activating Passport Payments for your payments processing is simple and easy. 

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