An Ecosystem of Parking Options

Make paying for parking quick and easy

Passport’s parking app brands are now available in the new Google Pay application. This means parkers using Google Pay can access Passport app brands to pay seamlessly and quickly, without needing to download an additional app.

Passport’s parking ecosystem is continually growing to support cities and the communities they serve.

Build an Ecosystem of Payment Options for Parking

With Passport, cities can offer multiple payment options for parking, providing their communities with more access, while managing and enforcing all options through one easy-to-use system.

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The Passport Operating System


Integrations with existing applications


Zones connected to our municipal rate engine


Parking payments processed

“Passport was willing to work with our brand. It’s a great company with a great model and great people. They are great partners in terms of safety and security, being able to flex and flow, and in terms of community.”

Nigel Bullers, CEO, EasyPark

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“Passport worked with the ParkChicago team to design, develop and run the system behind ParkChicago. The system was successfully rolled out to approximately 36,000 spaces with a positive outlook from the media and users of the ParkChicago system. The Passport team is on the forefront of technology and can be counted on to work with clients on adapting systems to meet their unique needs.”

Dennis Pedrelli, CEO, Chicago Parking Meters, LLC

“The team at Passport is amazingly enthusiastic about the product, and it’s a fantastic product-- way ahead of the industry. It’s cloud-based, leading-edge technology, and highly configurable.”

Ian Maher, Parking Director, Toronto Parking Authority

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“In a word, [the implementation process was] phenomenal...I knew [our timeline] was going to be aggressive...the result was nothing short of fantastic. Major kudos to the [Passport] implementation team. We had weekly calls, there was constant communication...Really, above and beyond customer service.”

Michael Manzella, Transportation Manager, Asbury Park, NJ

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“We now live in an environment where everyone has a computer in their pocket. More and more, we have reason to conduct business with that device, and if you don’t bring that option to people, they’ll look for it somewhere else.”

Scott Fox, Director of Transportation and Parking Services

“We had meters and [the] PassportParkingⓇ app, and a few months in, I thought ‘Why do we even have meters?’ With mobile, we have an idea of where people are parking, how long they’re parking, and we don’t have to unload the meters every three days and work to maintain them. It’s easy for the customer and it’s easy for the provider.”

Andy Pruitt, Parking Facilities Coordinator, Purdue University

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