A Guide to Our Principles

We are team of highly engaged, passionate, smart, and innovative people who are focused on positively impacting the world around us. Through strong partnerships with our clients, we affect meaningful change by improving the way people move within their communities. The pace of innovation we have set is complemented by our dedication to client success and customer support, all of which aim to advance the way citizens interact with the organizations who serve them. We hope that in reading this guide to our principles, you’ll learn more about who we are as a company, how we operate, what we stand for, and feel inspired by our vision. 

We deliver on our purpose by challenging traditional solutions in ways that simplify experiences and create value. We work closely with our clients to understand their challenges and brainstorm ideas for how to overcome those challenges and to improve the lives of their citizens—then, we deliver. Whether by recommending alternative solutions to a specific client’s problem, or by developing new features that can help the broader client base, we provide an integrated transportation platform that is focused on simplifying and streamlining everyday tasks. 

We have fostered an internal community of leaders, thinkers, dreamers, and teammates: a place where employees enjoy working, not only because of our mission, but because of our camaraderie and culture.

Passport's Vision and Mission

Our Mission

To improve interactions among people and the organizations that serve them.

Our Vision

Challenge traditional solutions in ways that simplify experiences and create value.

If you’re applying for a role on our team, we want to make it easy for you to know what we stand for before you even consider submitting an application. If you don’t relate to or align with these principles, you will struggle to find success at Passport. Our goal is to attract the individuals who can live up to the Passport principles every single day. They will be a part of your onboarding process, your performance reviews, how we recognize your great work, and how we reward you and your teammates.

We strive for all of our interactions to be shaped by these principles. We do our best to live by them, and you should let us know if we’re not delivering against these principles.

A Commitment to Applying Our Principles

As Passporters, we live and breathe these principles in our day-to-day activities. How we do our best work, make decisions, evaluate ourselves, collaborate with and treat one another are all based upon these principles.

To our clients and end users

To our employees

To our job applicants

We strive to hire the most talented, knowledgeable people in their respective fields. Even still, our expert team members regularly encounter new situations or challenges that have no “off-the-shelf” solution. We’d much rather have Passporters raise their hands during the earlier stages of an assignment and seek direction or feedback than to push through to completion by assuming answers or a best approach. We all need to self-identify gaps, take initiative, and learn. When engaging in a new situation, we seek first to understand before executing. If someone has knowledge that the rest of us don’t, that person shares it proactively. We spread best practices, are supportive teammates, and have the curiosity and drive to explore, learn, and improve ourselves and the people and processes around us.

But we don’t lose sight of the value that comes from being aware of our own capabilities and limitations. Humility is an important trait at Passport. We “gong” for victories and praise each other passionately and often, but we won’t pick up a megaphone to boast about our own skills because we realize that knowledge is relative and there’s always more to learn. Passport never stops striving to improve; there’s always room for growth.

Passport is nothing without our people. The company wouldn’t exist without the efforts of the people that make up our team and our clients’ teams. We are focused on taking care of these people and we insist that Passporters be equally good stewards—it’s an equation resulting in balance.

For every interaction, there are at least two human beings who are impacted. Even if we’re building a technology product, at the end of the day, it’s being used by people. In all decisions, interactions, and platforms, people remain at the forefront of our minds—because people come first at Passport. Whether interacting with each other internally, partnering with clients externally, or supporting our community of end users, we are hyper-focused on making these interactions real and authentic. It’s not about checking boxes off -- it’s about the quality relationships that we build and maintain. We are simultaneously optimistic and realistic. We encourage pushing back if you believe you see a better option for the team to pursue. You’ll be aware of team dynamics and regularly encourage and participate in healthy debates to get us to a better place.

Know What You Don’t Know

People First

Getting Down to It: the Passport Principles

Think about what business owners care about: they are invested in getting objectives across the finish line, striving to efficiently and effectively implement new ideas, and taking responsibility for both their mistakes and successes. Being an owner is also about being accountable and taking pride in actions and everyday work. Owners make decisions based on what’s best for the broader enterprise, and not necessarily what’s best for themselves; this is what separates owners from contributors—and we all strive to be owners. We put an equal amount of effort into the decisions we make for Passport as for the decisions we make for our personal lives, because we are invested in the outcomes to the same degree and just as passionately. We are all invested in the future of our business and have a stake in the company.

Be Quick, but Don’t Hurry

Be an Owner

We stand behind a brand that is constantly innovating and built for scale, and simplifying where possible is critical to our long-term success. This means creating, improving, and delivering simplified experiences to clients, end users, and ourselves. We take the complicated, make it clear, and build it to grow. We have designed our core products to be simple and user-friendly for agencies and end users, because this is our approach to transcending the complicated and delivering best-in-class solutions to our ecosystem of stakeholders. Innovation is also fundamental; it takes innovation to arrive at simplicity and drive lifetime value for our clients and their communities.

Our methods are rooted in a mindset of figuring out better ways to do things. When we step back, we identify ways to simplify and better position ourselves and our clients for scalability in the long term. While we appreciate the unique and the nuanced, we want to ensure that our solutions are built for a stable and scalable future. We strive to pivot as needed to ensure we’re always on the cutting edge of simplicity and scale, and our impact on the interactions in the communities we serve is amplified as a result.

Borrowing this phrase from legendary UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden, we think it best describes how Passporters should pursue purposeful action every day. We are hungry and we want to act quickly to feed that hunger, but do so in a way that is thoughtful. At Passport, “thoughtful” means being a good caretaker of the decisions and choices we make, including expenses we incur, contracts we sign, and products we launch.

It’s easy to get analysis paralysis when making big decisions, but we do not want to get caught waiting—rather, Passporters try to stay ahead of the curve and move quickly, but with care and common sense.  We leverage data to identify the right innovation and growth initiatives. We believe in doing the right level of diligence based on the type of decision, then making that decision, owning it, and recalibrating if necessary. We try to be aware of when decisions are high impact or irreversible, and appropriately pressure-test from multiple angles. But we don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good, so that we can keep advancing, iterating, and improving. We want Passporters to take the reins, own their choices, and be cognizant of risk and reward for every decision made. These efforts drive us towards responsible business growth.

Think Simple and Scale

If you’re hoping to join our team...

Know What You Don’t Know

Do I recognize that technology is what we do and not who we are?

Am I regularly treating my colleagues and external parties with respect and building and maintaining strong relationships? 

Am I ok with working really hard, with a mindset grounded in the people being impacted by my work, to get something across the finish line, whether I’m flying solo or collaborating across the team?

Can I be creative and think outside the box to generate a simplified end result?

Am I good at taking very complex things, and willing to try to figure out a better way?

Can I build solutions or processes that are simple enough to operate even when I’m not around?

Be Quick, but Don’t Hurry

People First

Am I the type of person who is willing to understand my weaknesses and regularly try to improve upon them?

Do I ask questions or seek out additional resources when I need clarity or support?

Am I constantly curious and trying to learn new things?

Think Simple and Scale

…we want you to ask yourself the following questions as you consider applying for one of our open roles. If you answer “yes” to all of these questions, you are likely to find a fulfilling career at Passport and Passport is likely to find a valuable teammate in you.

Will I constantly push myself and others to do our best to help Passport grow?

Am I passionate about my work and will I do everything in my power to accomplish my goals and projects while balancing my own time?

Do I apply the same level of diligence when I make a budgetary decision about my employer as I would with my own financial decisions?

Be An Owner

Can I set aside factors like fear or incompleteness in the name of ensuring forward movement?

Am I good at balancing a desire to “check the box” with making sure near and long term impacts are carefully considered?

Can I make thoughtful choices and decisions, even in high-pressure situations?