Passport’s Top 5 Most Popular Posts of 2023

Interest rate spikes, ChatGPT and “Barbenheimer” may have swept headlines, but trends within the parking and mobility industry still garnered significant attention in 2023. 

In the recap below, we rank the top five most-viewed posts in 2023, and predict the trends we think will take off in 2024.

5. Introducing SpotBlock™, Passport’s Digital Meter Bagging and Reservation System

Cities are saying goodbye to the frustration of managing parking reservations and embracing the future of mobility with the latest in digital meter bagging and reservation technology.


4. Meter and Pay Station Payments

In a world where digital and physical transactions are becoming increasingly intertwined, Passport is reshaping how payments are administered with Meter and Pay Station Payments.

3. Cities Are Unlocking Crucial Insights with Passport’s Performance Benchmarking Solution

Discover how Performance Benchmarking is helping cities, like the City of Tampa, FL and Charlotte, NC, leverage data from other peer cities and compare outcomes to make more informed decisions. 


2. Breaking transaction records with Passport’s “quick park” feature in Toronto

Taylor Swift wasn’t the only thing breaking records in 2023… See how the City of Toronto’s Green P app surpassed 1.5 million transactions in the month of May, breaking the app’s record for highest number of transactions in any given month.

1. eGuide: Curb Management Cycle

The framework outlined in this eGuide is designed to help cities effectively manage the curb.

Looking Ahead: 2024

Population Trends

Recent county-level population research shows that between 2020 and 2022, more than two million people migrated away from large urban counties, while suburbs and exurbs experienced more rapid growth than the rest of the country.

If this pattern continues, cities of all sizes will face new transportation challenges associated with rapid population growth, such as increased congestion, limited curb space and parking availability. 

Digital Payment and Security Trends

From paying for restaurant tabs to paying for parking, consumers are increasingly choosing digital for their payment needs. Juniper Research forecasts that by 2024, unique contactless mobile payment users will hit 1 billion worldwide (a 60% increase from 2022) and digital wallet spending will surpass $10 trillion in 2025 (an 82% increase from 2020).

In an increasingly digital world, security appears to remain top of mind: A 2022 survey revealed 62% of U.S. consumers (up from 44% in 2021) prioritize security of personal information as the most critical factor desired in digital payments, with ease of use and convenience ranking behind.

Curb Management Investments

Shifts in population and consumer behavior are expected to have a profound impact on many industries, including parking and mobility. According to research conducted in 900 cities across 43 countries, the global demand for parking management solutions is expected to grow 10% CAGR between 2023 and 2035.

In order to properly address challenges and embrace future tailwinds, city leaders will need to invest in a parking and curb management solution: one that manages all aspects of their curb to make reliable, data-driven decisions, and prioritizes cybersecurity to protect sensitive data and infrastructure.